TrailPix Ala Carte

The Swiss-Army knife of tripods, use the Universal TrailPix with any combination of known trekking, skiing, or even tent poles to form a stable photography tripod.

Use the Ala Carte selection menu below to customize your TrailPix system to your specific needs..

Be sure to select a ballhead if you don't have one already. Ballheads allow you to precisely adjust the orientation of your camera 360 degrees, portrait or landscape.  The ballhead is not included in the base price as many people have their own or prefer to buy elsewhere.

Optional solo pole is custom designed to provide a lightweight third support allowing you to make a tripod even if you don't have access to a third pole. But, the beauty of the Universal TrailPix is that you can use just about anything as your third pole.  The solo pole is not required, but can be convenient.

Other accessories such as quick release plates and iStabilizer smartphone mounts are NOT included, but can be purchased elsewhere on this site.

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